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Blackstar is just about all I’m listening to right now –

and may remain so for some time to come. The

biggest Bowie fan in the Jacobson books is probably

Martin Grove from Envy The Dead. The first time -

fatefully - he meets Claire Oldham, he notices Let’s

Dance playing on her car radio. Later on, in one of

his journal extracts, he tells us about the night he

slept out in an open field under a clear sky looking

(at least in his imagination) for “the starman Bowie

had promised us would show up soon and fix the

world’s mess for it. That had been a decade before

– and we were all still waiting. I’d loved Bowie when

I’d been a little kid though, used to play him loud

when my mum was out. Something larger than life

about him. Larger than my life anyway.” 




"But the book’s not done. Nor is it likely to be

finished  tomorrow, or next week."


George RR Martin’s announcement that his latest

Game Of Thrones novel has missed a publisher’s

deadline is certainly the most refreshing book news

of 2016 so far.


Kudos to Mr Martin for being upfront about the writing

process. Kudos also to those of his fans who’ve

posted their messages of support.


In the domain of crime fiction, a new-book-every-year

has almost become a commercial norm, often with

dubious benefits in terms of quality. Writing takes as

long as it takes and good books, on average, take

longer than bad ones.




I’ve been asked a few times recently whether you

can read my books in any order. The short answer

is yes, you can. Each book follows one of Inspector

Jacobson’s cases from start to finish and is absolutely

complete in itself. In fact, a lot of new readers are

beginning with the latest book, THE EVIL THEREOF.

Very sensibly, in my view, since it’s currently the

most reasonably-priced of my titles by a big margin.

We are slowly getting to grips with the back catalogue

so you can expect to see new deluxe digital editions

of several of the older titles appearing during 2016

(and also at a sensible price). More news on that

soon. Meantime, whatever Christmas and New

Year signify to you, have a good one …


Sincerely, Iain


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The Evil Thereof

Inspector Jacobson's most disturbing case ever. A case that might also be his last ...

"Riveting ... highly recommended."




Envy The Dead

A miscarriage of justice turns deadly ...

"Dark and extraordinary ... read it and savour every word."




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