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Jack Bruce last year and now Henning Mankell.

All the greats are leaving us ...




The Evil Thereof is now on sale everywhere!




According to Yougov, more British people

would like to be a full-time author (60% of those

polled) than any other occupation. By contrast,

‘Hollywood movie star’ polled a mere 31% and

‘astronaut’ came in at a humble 27%. As always

happens with this kind of result, the media has been

speculating on the underlying reasons. Cue the usual

statement-of-the-obvious column inches pointing out

that the reality of the job for most professional

writers is nothing like the daydream fantasy: no

mega TV and film deals, no endless string of

international bestsellers, no red carpet treatment.

All very true – but also perhaps missing the point.

Most people in most occupations, writers included,  

get fed up with what they’re doing on occasions and

decide that something else might suit them better.

Some act on the impulse, some don’t. As for me,

I’m with the poll’s 50% of men (and 22% of women)

who still haven’t entirely forgotten their childhood

ambition to be a train driver ... 




Like a lot of writers, I don’t like to be interrupted when

I’m working. I put my mobile on silent and leave the

answerphone to deal with the landline. Except when

the recent call from Frank Jacobson came through. I

broke my rules and picked up. It was just coincidence

of course - someone politely trying to sell me

something - and not the fictional detective I’ve known

for a very long time. Unnerving all the same. I’ve no

idea how many characters I’ve invented over seven

books. What if they all start doing it?



Sincerely, Iain


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The Evil Thereof

Inspector Jacobson's most disturbing case ever. A case that might also be his last ...

"Riveting ... highly recommended."




Envy The Dead

A miscarriage of justice turns deadly ...

"Dark and extraordinary ... read it and savour every word."




Iain McDowall

"McDowall puts his work at the cutting-edge of the genre."

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